Chester County

Seven Stars Inn

Looking at the Seven Stars Inn as a potentially haunted site gets very confusing very quickly, as there were several inns in the area that carried the name of the Seven Stars at various times. This was the common practice of years ago, when the name of an inn went with the inn-keeper and they didn't alway stay in the name place for very long. 

Red Rose Inn

Even before the Red Rose Inn in Jennersville gained a reputation for being a 'spirited place', it already had an interesting history. The tract of land on which the Inn stands was once part of a parcel given to William Penn by King Charles of England and was known as "No Man's Land", as it was placed between the existing lands of William Penn and those of Lord Baltimore. The property was first leased in the 1730's with the annual payment to be made each June 24th of a single rose, and hence, the name of the Inn in modern times.