Montgomery County

The John Roberts House

John Roberts was a wealthy Quaker and a miller. During the time of the Revolution, his lack of involvement in the war effort lead many to assume that he was a traitor, and his reputation destroyed.

This article appeared in the Reading Eagle in the 1890's:


The Haunted House of Montgomery County

Said to be Inhabited by the shades of Former Occupants  -

John Roberts, Tory, was Hanged there and His Remains Buried in the Cellar. Another hanged in apple orchard adjoining.

Bryn Mawr College Dorm

Most colleges have their fair share of spooky stories. possibly sparked by the high emotions of the average college student. Some of the stories told on campuses are undoubtedly urban legends, but some have a real basis in historical fact. Such is the story of Lilliam Vickers whose spirit is said to haunt College Hall, her former dormitory. [Note: it might actually be Merion Hall that she haunts.}