Delaware County

The Hanging of Elizabeth Wilson

At the corner of Edgmont and Providence Avenues in Chester, PA, lies the site of Delaware County's original Gallows Hill. In more modern times, this location has been the site of a Howard Johnson's restaurant in which numerous strange events have been reported. One young woman who worked there had told a co-worker the she had been able to communicate with one of the spirits that appeared to haunt the old restaurant. She described the spirit as a young girl who was very sad because she had killed her babies.

Newlin Grist Mill

The Newlin Grist Mill complex along the Baltimore Pike near Concordville has quite a history, some of which is a bit bizarre. The original mill was built in 1704 by Nathaniel Newlin and is the only working 18th century grist mill left in the state. After three centuries, the fascinating complex which includes numerous other buildings besides the mill, is once again under the control of the Newlin family. But it is the Miller's house that interests us most at this point.

Glen Mills Haunting

The early 1930's provide the background of this chilling tale from Delaware County.

The Glen Mills area of Delaware County has plenty of winding county lanes and cornfields, so it's hard to guess where this particular story took place, but it's obvious that the folks in the area were pretty stirred up about the appearance of a local ghost in their area:


Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA Friday, 9/4/1931

Apparition Yells, Eludes Searchers

Crowd Hysterical as Ghost Flees Into Cornfield


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