Delaware County

Emma's Ghost

An interesting story from the later part of the 1800's shows how a murder of a young girl impacted many people for quite a long time afterward.


Chester Folk Have A Ghost

Murdered Young Emma Pfitzenmeyer's Spirit Now Turns Up

Hair-Raising Experience of Members of the Rumford Family

They Visit The Room In Which The Pretty Girl Met Her Death and Have A Lively and Very Interesting Time With A Spook

Special to the Inquirer

Darby's Haunted Jail

Old time newspaper articles tend to give a different look into the background of a story than our modern papers do. Here's a classic from the late 1880's. It would be interesting to know more about what happened in this case.

A Flute-Playing Ghost

Crier in the Country

There are numerous stories floating around the web and in books about ghosts at the Crier in the Country restaurant in Glen Mills, most of which name one of the spirits as being that of Lydia Pennell. When we look in to the history of the place, and comb the various resources regarding the property, we learn a bit more about "Lydia". While the stories do have her first name right as Lydia, her last name was never Pennell, though her husband was descended from the Pennell family.


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