We're Alive!!!!

For those who have visited us in the past, you'll notice a big change in the way the site looks. Since I had to move the site anyway, due to the problems with spammers, I've taken the time to update the appearance at the same time and add some new stuff, such as the Bibliography page. What's gone for now is the ability to register on the site, but that will eventually come back in some form. Locations of the various haunts will also be added back in shortly. Lots of things are going on behind the scenes at the moment, so bear with us while we get things in order.

The Ground Shifts...

Testing a new interface is always entertaining, especially when the final result is unknown. This is actually a good thing at times, as it can force us to look at ideas and suggestions in a new light.

Our former site structure is still in use, up to a point, but there are a lot of changes in the works. At least one of these will be the way that site memberships are handled, as the old site was bombarded by spammers and neer-so-wells, creating a situation that forced us to move the site from its former host. Not being willing to go through that nonsense again, we're taking pretty stringent steps against such an event re-occurring. Stay tuned!

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Fresh Haunts

Quintin House, Newtown

The quiet streets of Newtown hold a lot of history, including that of an old house on State Street. Built about 1801, the old house was once the home of Violette Hicks, sister of the well-known painter, Edward Hicks. Violetta and her husband, Thomas Kennedy, and their young son had been living there only a short time when Violetta tragidly lost her life while rescuing her son from drowning in the Newtown Creek which ran just a short distance from the front of thier house.

Sayre Mansion

From 1858 until 1916, this was the home of the Robert Heysham Sayre family (though Robert died in 1907, his family remained until 1916) and is said to have at least two haunted rooms, numbers 23 and 32. 

Prissy Robinson's Blue Ball Inn

Blue Ball Inn

While many of the older inns in Chester County have had all sorts of stories circulated about them over the years, few have gathered as much interest as those concerning the old Blue Ball Inn and its best known inn keeper, Priscilla 'Prissy' Robinson.

Haunted Places

I’m fascinated by stories of the bizarre, whether it’s an old ghost story or a legend from the distant past, but most importantly I’m looking for the stories behind the story of the haunted place, so to speak - what really happened that led to the stories? How did the place come to be known as haunted?

So many sites just copy their info from another site instead of actually doing some research themselves. I’d like this site to be different, so you’ll find stories here about ghosts and hauntings that you won’t find in other places.