Fresh Haunts

Murder on the old National Pike

Growing up outside of Baltimore, we knew US Route 40 well and just referred to it as "Route 40" or "Forty West". Years earlier though, it was better known as the "National Road" or "Old National Pike". Along the side of the major highway that covers most of the original territory of the National Pike, the orignal road still appears from time to time, running next to its modern replacement. That old road was the scene of more than a few wild moments on the history of the area.

Haunted Waynesborough

There are some families that just seem to attract the unusual and the historic Wayne family of Chester County seems to have garnered far more than their fair share of unusual happenings. From the bizarre nature of the Revolutionary general's burial ( a story I'll cover elsewhere) to the family's ancestral home, any place attached to the family seems to be affected.

Glen Mills Haunting

The early 1930's provide the background of this chilling tale from Delaware County.

The Glen Mills area of Delaware County has plenty of winding county lanes and cornfields, so it's hard to guess where this particular story took place, but it's obvious that the folks in the area were pretty stirred up about the appearance of a local ghost in their area:


Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA Friday, 9/4/1931

Apparition Yells, Eludes Searchers

Crowd Hysterical as Ghost Flees Into Cornfield

Getting in the 'Spirit'

Sorry for the bad pun in the title, intended ot not, but this IS October and my thoughts turn easily to ghosts and goblins and everything October-ish, including this cartoon:

A Poem for the Season

This was an old family favorite.


LIttle Orphant Annie - by James Whitcomb Riley


Time for a Change

It's October and, of course, that means it's time to focus on haunted places and things that go bump in the night! This year brings a change in our format due to some much needed updates, so look for lots of fresh haunts very soon! A map of the location of the haunt has been added when possible in each entry to make it easier to find them, but please remember many of these are private property.

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