West Chester University Abandoned Baby

It seems that there are always tales to be told surrounding colleges and West Chester University is no exception. Here's a tale that adds to the tales of the macabre:

Scandal in West Chester

A School Girl and A Young Man Arrested, Charged with Murdering an Infant

West Chester, March 21, Two arrests in sensational case have been made by the authorities of Chester County. One prisoner is Mary A. Weikel, a girl of 17 years of age, who is now lying ill in bed at her home, near Trappe, Montogmery county, and the other is Walter A. Flounder, a young man, who was arrested at Chester at noon today.

Last Friday morning the body of an infant was found lying close by the walls of the State Normal School. It had its head battered in. Dr. F. D. Dunn made a post-mortem examination and found that the child had been born alive and was evidently in a healthy condition.

Since then the officers have woven a chain of evidence about Mary A. Weikel, daughter of James R. Weikel, a well-known resident of Upper Providence township, Montgomery county. Officers Jefferis and Turner went to her home yesterday and found her ill in bed. She was placed under arrest and as soon as she is able will be brought to the Chester county prison. Miss Weikel was a student at the Normal School and roomed on the fourth floor of the institution.

Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she remained in her room, alleging that she was suffering from a slight indisposition. On Friday the school term ended and she left town on a train at 6 o'clock in the mrning. It is charged that she gave birth to the child the night before and disposed of it by throwing it from the window. At noon today Walter Flounders, formerly a baggage agent at the railroad station here, was arrested at Chester. It is alleged that he is the father of the child.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1893-03-22