Hager House

When the Hager house is mentioned in terms of haunts, it is usually noted that two families, the Rohrers and the Hammonds, are connected to the potential hauntings of the house. As it turns out, these two families are actually directly related to each other.

Jonathan Hager and his wife Elizabeth came to Western Maryland about 1740 and purchased several plots of land in what would become Hagerstown. When he died in an accident in 1775, his son Jonathan inherited the property on which the house was built and the house passed into the hands of the  Rohrer family. Catherine Rohrer, daughter of Martin, married Michael Hammond in 1805 and the house stayed in their family for many years. Ownership of the house passed to David C. Hammond and his sister, Susan Armstrong (wife of Alex), and then to Armstong heirs, unitl it eventually was sold to the city of Hagerstown.

In the 1840's, a large number of family members died, some of whom probably  died in the house. four of the grown children of Michael and Catherine Hammond died in a three-month period in 1844, and 3 infant children and Alex and Susan (Hammond) Armstrong died between 1838 and 1844. One way or another, that's a lot of potential ghosts!