Northampton County

Sayre Mansion

From 1858 until 1916, this was the home of the Robert Heysham Sayre family (though Robert died in 1907, his family remained until 1916) and is said to have at least two haunted rooms, numbers 23 and 32. 

Getter's Island

In the middle of the Delaware River in Easton, just a bit north of where the Bushkill Creek enters the main river, lies a little island that was the stage for an execution of a brutal murderer, who is said to still haunt the little island that was named for him. And it appears that his victim may also occasionally be seen in the area.

In early Feburary of 1833, Margaret "Rebecca" Lawall set into motion the actions that would bring up her own demise, though she suspected nothing at the time. The following article from the Gettysburg-based Adams Sentinel tells the sad story:

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