Chester County

West Chester University Abandoned Baby

It seems that there are always tales to be told surrounding colleges and West Chester University is no exception. Here's a tale that adds to the tales of the macabre:

Scandal in West Chester

A School Girl and A Young Man Arrested, Charged with Murdering an Infant

The Lincoln Room

The Lincoln Room, a little luncheon and tea room, tucked below sreet level in the Everhart building on W. Market street in West Chester, apparently has a spiritual side - folks feel a ghostly presence and hear odd noises, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone. The owner mentions that sometimes you can hear laughter and there are some who won't set foot in the place at night. As long as no customers are being harmed, everything's fine. So who's haunting the Lincoln Room?

Stottsville Inn

One of the more intriguing stories about Chester County's local inns is that of the Stottsville Inn on Strasburg Road. As the legend goes, the Inn is haunted by the ghost of Josephine Stott Chandler Emery, after supposedly being murdered by her husband, Horace G. Emery when he found her in bed with someone else. As the story continues, Horace then intended to do himself in and left a suicide note which read as follows:


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