Carroll County

Legh Master the Ghost of Furnace Hills

The area known as Furnace Hills, outside of Westminster  along the road to New Windsor, has had a repuatation for being haunted for more than a hundred years, and it seems, the tradition continues to this day.

Legh Master was born in England in 1717 and came to America to seek his fortune, purchasing about 6000 acres in the area. He established an iron foundry on his property about 1765. finding an abundance of iron ore in the area.

Sherman-Fisher-Shellman House

Built in 1807, and now one of the properties maintained by the Carroll County Historical Society, this house on Main street in Westminster has long had a reputation for being haunted. The original owner of the property was Jacob Sherman, who gave it to his daughter Eve and her husband David Shriver a few years later. The Shrivers only lived there for a few years before moving to western Maryland. While they were living there, a number of incidents occurred which may have bearing on the house's potential as a haunt.

Cockey's Tavern

Heavy boots on the stairs and pictures that fall unharmed from the walls are part of the legend of Cockey's Tavern in Westminster. The footsteps are believed to be those of a Confederate soldier, possibly related to the fact that General J. E. B. Stuart may have used the house as a headquarters before the Battle of Gettysburg.


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