Bucks County


One of the more bizarre stories out of Bucks County comes from a site that is no longer available, but was at one point, the scene of a macabre murder in the 1830's.<--break->

Here's one article from the New York Times that talks about both the murder and the ghostly behavior that arose from it:


Quinton House

The quiet streets of Newtown hold a lot of history, including that of an old house on State Street. Built about 1801, the old house was once the home of Violette Hicks, sister of the well-known painter, Edward Hicks. Violetta and her husband, Thomas Kennedy, and their young son had been living there only a short time when Violetta tragicly lost her life while rescuing her son from drowning in the Newtown Creek which ran just a short distance from the front of their house.

Haunted by Art

New Hope in Bucks County is well-known today as an art lover's delight as the area is filled with cultural treasures, so perhaps it's no real surprise to learn that one of those artists still haunts the area, though he died in 1918.

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