Berks County

Stone Willie Still Stoned

My grandparents, on both sides, lived in Berks County, and we lived in Maryland, so visits to see them were frequent. We knew all about the outlet stores in Reading, long before outlet stores became popular, i.e., back when they were a REALLY good place to shop, and, of course, we used to hear some of the stories about supposedly haunted places.

Stokesay Castle

Sitting on the side of Mount Penn, near the junction of Hill Road and the appropriately-named Spook Lane, Stokesay Castle has graced the Reading landscape for many years as a fine restaurant. Catering to a high-dollar crowd, Stokesay has always been a popular site for wedding receptions. But some folks have said it has a bit more spirit than some like. True or not, the Castle is an intriguing place and would be of interest to me even if I weren't a distant cousin of the guy that built it!

Lizzie Lincoln House

The house on Lincoln Road in Exeter township known as the Lizzie Lincoln house used to be the scene of a haunted house tour, but is now owned by a local gardening company. Any stories of its being haunted are likely to be the result of the promotional efforts of the old house tour, rather than an actual manifestation, but the house definitely could win awards for general creepiness.


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