Carroll County

Sykesville Town House

Millard Cooper is a well-known name in old Sykesville - he even has a local park named after him, but his bigger claim to fame is possibly haunting the Town House, seat of the town's local police department. Known by most as "Coop", he was born in 1826 and served in various positions in town including Chief of Police. Up in the attic of the Town House staff have often smelled the scent of cigars like the ones he often smoked, and doors in the building tend to open and close on their own. Generally, he seems to be more a pranster than really harmful.

Sykesville Monster

If you lived in the Sykesville area in the 1970's and 80's, you might be familiar with a local creature that became known as the Sykesville Monster. He was a bigfoot-type creature, reputed to stand about 8 foot tall with a footprint longer than 12 inches long. Recently, a TV special called "Monsters and Mysteries in America" will be featuring the monster, and local pub E.J. Becks planned a special viewing party for the show, which was due to air on February 28, 2014.

A recent article in the Carroll County Times notes:


Shriner House Ghost

On the outskirts of the little town of Linwood in Carroll county, a murder from long ago continues to impact the house. Though the events leading to this haunting happened many years ago, the energies continue to be felt in the home.


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