Newton Quaker Meetinghouse

An old Quaker meetinghouse in Camden , New Jersey was the scene of numerous ghost sightings more than a hundred years ago.

Camden's Spook
Several Persons Claim to Have Seen Old Quaker's Specter

Camden, July 3. - The phantom specter is known as the "Quaker Ghost," and several persons claim to have seen it within the past week in the vicinity of the old Quaker meeting house on Walnut street.

Samuel Harris, a cabman, of No. 101 North Second street, claims that he saw the ghost while out walking with a young woman. He alleges that the ghost followed him and his companion, when the latter fainted. Harris says he discharged a revolver, but when the smoke cleared away the white object had disappeared.

George Sparks, of No. 217 Bensen street, claims to have seen the white apparition while driving home one night recently from Haddonfield. He says that his horse suddenly stopped, and when he got out of the carriage to investigate he saw a white object in the middle of the highway, a few yards from the horse. He seized his whip and started toward the specter, when he was sized with that peculiar feeling that rendered him almost powerless to move. He then met a policeman, who told him that it was the old Quaker ghost, who was always prowling in that neighborhood.

Gravedigger Stow says that he saw the ghost while he was sitting in the kitchen of his house. He heard a woman screaming for help, and a colored woman soon cme up to his place. She wsa greatly excited and called Stow's attention to a white object not far away. Stow looked in the direction indicated by the woman and saw the object, but he has been unable to account for it. He says he does not believe in ghosts, but what he saw was certainly a very strange object.

Source: Pittsburgh Dispatch, July 4, 1890

It sounds like this particular spirit had been hanging around the area for a while, but there doesn't seem to be any more information to be found.